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CCAFS-ILRI Workshop on Communications and Social Learning in Climate Change

8-10 May 2012 ILRI Campus, Addis Ababa

#Next steps#Research gaps (plenary fishbowl discussion based on table group work)Working group: Social learning within CCAFS

This group was represented by: Pete Cranston and Osana Bonilla-Findji.

(During the 'foundational' workshop of May 2012, five priority change areas were identified, which later formed a major part of the CCSL agenda - as mentioned in a [| synthesis paper] published after the workshop. This page relates the unpolished discussion notes from the working group that defined the agenda for this change area, for the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security [CCAFS] and more broadly for the CCSL group. Each of these five change areas remains an important aspect of the CCSL strategy//).

See the working group presentation


Change Goal 3: Social Learning is validated within CCAFS as a mainstream methodology


  • Significant percentage of CG funded proposals that include SL explicitly as a central part, by 2020
  • Dynamic basket of artifacts with shared attribution/use
  • A porous CGIAR and partners’ network with two-way learning


  • A dynamic Basket of Good Practices

Design, piloting & launch of a basket Innovation fund Enabling environment…

  • Catalysing Social Learning across CCAFS network

Facilitating the emergence of a Community of practice Advisory group & Coaching Panel Training Awareness Raising

(Notes from main page)

  • Devise CCAFS vision in 2020 within the CGIAR with respect to methodology;
  • Organize open CCAFS systems to other partners' systems;
  • Identify and organize groups that catalyze social learning and create community of practice;
  • Create advisory group both internally and externally;
  • Design social learning with the aim to provide support for workshops, paper writing etc.;
  • Raise awareness by using different platforms;
  • Think of a “bucket” full of a conceptualized collection of competitive research activities.

Feedback from the group

  • Q: How do you use the bucket full of “silver bullets”?

A: Distribute them to different platforms as good ideas and monitor and evaluate along the way

  • Q: Does CCAFS have expertise in social learning?

A: This should looked at.

  • Q: The scope of the project seems focused on CGIAR. How about other partners?

A: Use different platforms to link with other partners.

  • Use a mix of expertise to accomplish the task envisioned.