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Climate Change and Social Learning related events

Events in bold are yet to happen.

CCSL-focused events

These are events organized, supported or closely attended by the Climate Change and Social Learning group supported by the CGIAR research program on climate change, agriculture and food security (CCAFS). Some of these events are pending confirmation.

  • March 2014, CARIAA inception workshop
  • 3 December 2013 at 1 PM GMT CCSL Webinar on the CCSL Framework and Toolkit hosted by IIED

CCSL core team events

Since 2013 an informal CCSL core team was set up. These events and conversations are documented here.

Other events of relevance and interest

These are events related to the themes of CCSL work, either climate change, agriculture, food security, social learning, communication, knowledge management etc. and usually also involve some CCSL members. However no specific CCSL session is planned at these events and CCSL is not putting any money to organize these events. Some of these events are pending confirmation.

  • October 2014: Knowledge management and communication for CGIAR Research Programs workshop #3 (CCSL lead: Ewen Le Borgne)
  • September 2014: Tropentag 'Agricultural research' (CCSL lead: Wiebke Foerch / Fred Unger)
  • 9-11 September 2014: Second international conference on evaluating climate change and development (CCSL lead: Blane Harvey)
  • 1-4 September 2014: Community Based Adaptation strengthening resilience in East and Southern Africa’s drylands / A Learning Event for practitioners, researchers and policy makers. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (CCSL lead: Fiona Percy, Ewen Le Borgne)
  • 14 July 2014: Communication for Sustainable Rural Development and Social Change - India
  • 12-16 May 2014: Adaptation Futures. Brazil. (CCSL lead: Liz Carlile)
  • May 2014: IFPRI resilience workshop. Addis Abeba, Ethiopia (CCSL lead: Peter Ballantyne).
  • 18-21 March 2014. Africa Climate Change Adaptation Forum Adaptation Learning Programme (ALP) - 2014 Pan-African Adaptation Learning Forum. Kampala, Uganda. (CCSL lead: Fiona Percy / CARE + Liz Carlile / IIED).
  • April 2014: IPCC AR5 CCAFS Science (CCSL lead: Phil Thornton).
  • 19-23 September 2013. Cochrane Collaboration’s Annual Colloquium. Health care – has excellent user groups  Dipex database for patients’ experiences. Theme this year is “better knowledge for better health”
  • 8 June 2013. G8+ Food and Nutrition Summit. London, UK.
  • 21-23 May 2013 Campbell Collaboration’s Annual Colloquium. Group focuses on education, crime, social welfare, and now international development. The Colloquium will bring together leading researchers in the field of systematic reviews and policymakers from across the world to address crucial questions relating to the methodology and use of systematic reviews. Chicago, USA.