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This page - loosely - keeps track of possibly interesting avenues to seek funding for CCSL-related activities.

Organizations Invol
What - several years, unlimited funding, adaptation focused and their addressing the knowledge gaps piece - pitch evidence base plus SL in practice - deadline June 1
Funding ESRC DFID call Deadline: 22 Jan 2015 Who: Jon Ensor What: Highly unlikely we can apply. Need legit adacemic partner. Blane to ask Jon Ensor Result: John applying with another group, interested in joining CCSL for other proposals
Funding International Social Science Council - Transformations call (PAST) Deadline: Late March Who: Georgina Cundhill (Ben to get in touch); Ioan Fazey (Blane to get in touch); Heila Lotz Sisitka (Phil to get in touch); Petra Tschakert (Liz and Lars Otto Ness to get in touch); Kathy Galvin (Phil to get in touch) What: Knowledge networks. People who won seed grants. Could approach these people and/or submit a new proposal. For seed funding holders we have a call to introduce CCSL, say that we're considering our own proposal but want to see what they are doing Result: We are still planning to apply for this
26/2 update: Marissa and Wiebke brainstorming, in touch with Blane, Liz & Ben: will need coordinator from a mid/low income country - negative feedback from Georgina, Mark New/Gina Ziervogel and Prolinnova. Todd and Ann raised a good point that it may not be worth the effort considering competition is very stiff. Wiebke emailed Coleen Vogel to scope her interest.View from 10/3 meeting that the competition is too stiff
Funding GIZ grant to CGIAR Deadline: ILRI internal deadline 23 Jan 2015 Who: Tim Robinson (Phil to get in touch); Humid Tropics CRP; Ewen Le Borgne (ILRI) What: Participatory research. Needs impact pathway. Link to German partners capacity development + NARS. Cross centre/CRP collabo. Will be several ILRI proposals we'd need to win therefore need ILRI CRP partner. 15 page submission. Phil + Wiebke + Ewen talk about ILRI positioning. Result: Have submitted internal ILRI proposal, which wasn't successful.
Funding CIM Integrated Experts (PENDING FUNDING) Deadline: TBC Who: Ask out friends to scope nationals trained in Germany who could return (Wiebke to follow up); Ewen asking Theresa. What: Tops up national salary to international rate. Some cost involved or host organisation. Focus on returning experts port of call. Need ToRs for role. Knowledge transfer is a priority. Write ToRs to one each of 3 CCSL activity areas - max 3 per CG centre. Results: TORs drafted - again, unsuccessful in internal ILRI competition. Wiebke exploring options of placement of a CIM expert within national/regional partner organisations - this has to go through GIZ country offices and be aligned to GIZ strategic focus in those countries. ANY IDEAS WELCOME, currently exploring Uganda, but happy to get in touch with other countries - if people have ideas!
Funding CARIAA small funds (CAD 80k) Deadline: 15 March 2015 Who: Blane Harvey + CARIAA M&E working group + IIED What: Two CARIAA consortia encouraged to partner + bid with IIED for M&E mentoring support and/or documenting transformational learning. Ben to talk to M&E working group. Some (25%) co-funding in kind required.
Funding Belmont Forum (IGAF) Mountains, arctic. Leads: Philip to contact to find out more and report back 9 Mar 15 update: there are not likely to be any calls on food security for the time being, Phil to continue monitoring
Funding Ford Foundation Big comms as agent of change. Need to package SL as relevant. Advocacy and networking. Socially just climate change policy. Like clean plans. Fits with our comms and engagement areas. Leads: IIED has had some success. Ben to follow up on whether IIED is ready to approach Ford again
Funding Rockefeller Foundation Recent resilience call - Global Resilience Partnership (GRP). Urban focus? Networking focus? Partnerships and networks for climate resilience. Climate info, farmers/smallholders - stability, capacity building for African scientists and agricultural experts. Leads: Ben G. has emailed John. Blane knows Anna Brown (ACCCRN Bangkok office). Sundaa Bridgett-Jones (also GRP).Probably best to review in Sept/Oct, since we have missed the first GRP call
Funding Newton Fund Mostly funding individual researchers
Funding VW Foundation Leads: for Wiebke to research - very competitive and needs a strong German University partner. Do we have one?! If yes, happy to pursue options - these are likely to be around symposia, summer schools, workshops.
2015 Opportunities Listed Above This Line
Funding Funding from BMZ /GIZ/BEAF this page] 2) project funding (up to 1.2 million EUR) – for technology transfer, [| guidelines here] 3) CIM expert secondment to CG or non-CG partners (two different avenues of application) - Updated guidelines for the large grant funding programme: File:GIZ Large Grant Project Funding.doc
Funding IDRC Canadian International Food Security Research Fund] Phase II – upcoming call for proposals $62 million
Funding ? Copenhagen Accord long-term climate financing commitment $100 billion/year by 2020
Funding 3ie M&E of SL activities; interested in creating an evidence base for the value of SL
Funding Belmont Forum Belmont Forum website]
Project NEPAD, AUC Proposed study on what worked and didn’t work with respect to agriculture/CAADP
Project CARIAA, IDRC Evaluation templates and indicators for SL
Project IDRC Undertaking stock-take of learning processes in consortia on climate and development
Project Oxfam, Save the Children, One, Christian Aid, Tearfund “If” campaign] – UK-based food security campaign (a la Make Poverty History)
Project UNFCCC Process and potential work programme on agriculture: potential to partner and influence this (longer term strategic view)
Project CAADP Mandate and ownership is with African states and stakeholder compacts, so we should get behind that
Project CDKN Climate knowledge platforms
Project CCAFS Regional learning platforms in West Africa, East Africa, South Asia, Southease Asia, Latin America
Project CARIAA CARIAA website]
Idea CCAFS Develop a call for proposals to develop better ways to assess social learning potential and results (e.g. indicators) on the CCSL sandbox
Idea IIED Number of projects with social learning attributes – could help in documenting evidence for SL; Interested in exploring different indicators
Idea ? Develop a curriculum for facilitation of local social learning processes, e.g. on a wiki?
Idea Commonwealth Secretariat Explore with colleagues at the Commonwealth Secretariat the potential for social learning in our projects e.g. using two areas for demonstration and dialogue: 1) climate finance blocks and opportunities in small and vulnerable states, 2) resilience building in small states

More information about each of these


GIZ has a 5-yr, 5 mil Euro program (roughly 4 more years) called ITAACC (Innovation Transfer into Ag – Adaptation to CC), managed by Joerg Lohmann; funds come from CC & Energy – gov’t of Germany. They’ve made 3 grants of 300K - one to ILRI (forages upscaling in Ethiopia, led by Barry Shapiro); one to ICRAF (evergreen ag in WA, led by Alice Muller and Dennis Garrity) – reported under CCAFS; and one to icipe (yet another K platform….). They are hoping to get more funds in 2014 so if you have an idea or partner with an idea, getting an idea note to Joerg early in 2014 would probably be a good idea. One criteria for selecting pilot projects is that the proposals are linked to CCAFS. This is completely separate from BMZ funding via BEAF (Michel Bernhardt - BEAF); 20 mil Euro/yr; ongoing, unrestricted funding, large projects, small grants, personnel secondments. It looks like they are going to give around .5mil Euro to support the African Ag Techn Platform (USAID initiative, Piers Bocock – consortium K management and communications leader has been involved in; falls under a workstream in CAADP, with FARA: Kerri Platais from the World Bank has also been catalyzing this initiative). The nice thing about AATP is that it is largely being driven by our key partners CORAF and ASARECA.

Quick summary of this week's workshop: The Innovation System of Demand-Driven Agricultural Research – Bridging the Implementation Gap Feldafing/Germany Nov 19-22, 2013 BMZ/CGIAR/GIZ Opened by Dr Schmitz, Head of Division, Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development

Goal: Develop a joint CG-GIZ roadmap to jointly address similar sustainable poverty reduction goals

No roadmap was produced, but the group (around 40 people; most centres, CRPs represented; 9 female scientists from 9 centers participating, which I think is a record) or just ideas for bridging GIZ-CG work, but the group ended up identifying a series of foundationalprinciples – the 'Feldafing principles' – believed to help increase the success of innovation systems to bridge the gap between research and development. Feldafing principles: 1. Plan for scaling up from the outset of intervention process 2. Work through multi-stakeholder engagements, tailored to the specific objectives and research topics 3. Focus on a demand-driven approach to research topics and issues that consider respective needs of different target groups, including women and small-scale farmers 4. Create open communication and learning spaces that give equal value to contributions of different actors 5. Recognize that innovation is not only about technologies; it encompasses an interactive process with social, cultural, economic, organizational, institutional, political and technological dimensions. 6. Adopt a long-term perspective which allows for the innovation process to evolve and mature 7. Provide incentives and capacity strengthening for different actors involved 8. Recognize the need for investing in research for understanding of innovation dynamics, including the complementary dimensions of innovation

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